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Here are the most frequently asked questions when setting out to create your skincare line.

How long has Ilabeld been in business?

Ilabeld, Inc. formed in Cleveland, OH in 2009 by two friends that had a mutual interest in natural products and helping you, our customers! We made teas, and expanded from there.

What does Ilabeld do?

Our founders, Mike and Terry, have always had an interest in helping, beyond what the pharmaceutical companies offer. We started in natural teas, and pivoted in 2016 to include hemp and CBD products. We have a few of our own brands, but what we really like to do is manufacture white label products, allowing the smaller businesses and farmers to access their own products and expanded brands.

How can Ilabeld help your brand?

We will find a way to make your raw materials profitable! We are expert product developers, formulators, and packaging specialists. Our experience speaks for itself!

What can Ilabeld do for Farmers?

We have a whole range of packaging and processing options just right for your crop!

You're not brokers, are you?

Absolutely not! We have our own hemp farms in OK and AR. We are happy to share our expertise and grow the industry as a whole!